Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Corona Virus Update's.

Update 46 ,,, 20-02-20 ce time 06:51

Total confirmed 76.722

Total Death 2.247

Over 200 infected in coronavirus outbreaks at Chinese prisons

Hong Kong riot police officer has been infected with the virus. Another 59 officers are in quarantine

Update 45 ,,, 20-02-20 ce time 07:19

Total confirmed 75.727

Total Death 2.128

Coronavirus patients can have similar “viral load” whether or not they show symptoms !

South Korea infections jump


Update 44 ,,, 19-02-20 ce time 05:48

Total confirmed 75.202

Total Death 2,010

Latest Diamond Princess passengers leave the stricken cruise ship

Coronavirus cases are spiking in Japan

Global death toll for coronavirus exceeds 2,000


Update 43 ,,, 18-02-20 ce time 07:05

Total confirmed 73.335

Total Death 1.873

UK organizing a flight to evacuate British nationals on Diamond Princess ship

Wuhan hospital director dies from coronavirus

There are now at least 895 confirmed cases in over 28 countries and territories outside mainland China -- around half of them linked to the stricken Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.


Update 42 ,,, 17-02-20 ce time 5:07

Total confirmed 71.331

Total Death 1.775

South Korea just announced it's confirmed a 30th coronavirus case

Death toll from the virus rises to 1,775 globally


Update 41 ,,, 16-02-20 ce time 5:18

Total confirmed 69.268

Total Death 1.669


Confirmed infections on Diamond Princess keep climbing, as 70 more coronavirus cases revealed

Another case of coronavirus in South Korea

There were 2,009 more cases of the virus in China on Saturday, and 142 deaths


Update 40 ,,, 15-02-20 05:35 ce time

Total confirmed 67.101

Total Death 1.525

"Right now we're in an aggressive containment mode,"

CDC Director Robert Redfield told CNN on Thursday.

A third of roughly 1,000 small and medium-sized companies surveyed by Beijing academics

last week said they could only survive for a month with the cash they have.


Update 38 ,,, 14-02-20 ce time 05:40

Total confirmed 64.436

Total Death 1.486

Malaysia confirms its 19th coronavirus case

Death toll from coronavirus rises to 1,486 globally

Hong Kong confirms three more cases


Update 37 ,,, 13-02-20 ce time 05:04

Total confirmed 60.373

Total Death 1.369

Another 44 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess

Hong Kong extends school suspension until at least March 16

North Korea extends coronavirus quarantine period to four weeks


Update 36 ,,, 12-02-20 ce time 06:19

Total confirmed 45.183

total death 1,115

Japan extends travel ban to China's Zhejiang province


Update 35 ,,, 11-02-20

Total confirmed 43.108

total death 1018


Cases rise

World Health Organization team arrives in China

A Hong Kong apartment building was partially evacuated due to possibility virus was transmitted through pipes

2 newly infected people in the UK are health workers


Update 34 ,,, 10-01-20 ce time -5:38

Total confirmed 40.536

Total Death 910

Cases rise

Chen Qiushi, a citizen journalist who had been posting critical reports from inside of Wuhan, went missing

Update 33 ,,, 09-02-20 ce time 05:25

Total confirmed 37.549

Total Death 813

Singapore announces seven more cases of novel coronavirus

South Korea confirms its 25th case of coronavirus

death toll rises to 813


Update 32 ,,, 08-02-20 ce time 06:26

Total confirmed 34.887

total death 724


China threatens harsh punishments for people who disrupt virus control ... including the death penalty

American in China’s Wuhan dies of coronavirus, first US citizen killed in fast-moving outbreak – embassy


Update 31 ,,, 07-02-20 ce time 05:49

Total confirmed 31.472


There are 31,478 confirmed cases and 638 deaths globally

Canadian evacuation flight has left Wuhan with 176 citizens on board

Two more flights carrying Americans fleeing coronavirus leave Wuhan

Canada, Malaysia, and Hong Kong announce more cases of coronavirus

Li Wenliang, a Chinese whistleblower doctor, died late last night


Update 30 ,,, 06-02-20 ce time 9:55

Total confirmed 28.333


Saudi Arabia suspends travel to China

Chinese trains are seeing 80% fewer passengers than normal, as people stay home

Cases rise: There are a total of 28,833 confirmed cases and 565 deaths globally,

the vast majority of which are in mainland China.

Some countries have seen a surge in cases;

Japan now has 45 cases, the highest number for a country outside China.


Update 29 ,,, 05-02-20 ce time 18:03


Total confirmed 24.630

“In the last 24 hours, we had the most cases in a single day since the outbreak started,

” the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday

Update 28 ,,, 05-02-20 ce time 05-45

Total confirmed 24.505

Crisis  61 million people remain under quarantine ! in China

The UK urged all British citizens to leave China, without providing clarity on how

Hong Kong authorities warn there could be "invisible chains of infection" happening

Wuhan coronavirus is already in the US. The strategy for now isn't to stop it, but to slow it

Taiwan confirms 11th coronavirus case

Locations with Confirmed 2019-nCoV Cases
China Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Australia Belgium Cambodia Canad Finland France Germany India Italy Japan Malaysia Nepal Philippines

Russia Sri Lanka Singapore Spain Sweden Thailand The Republic of Korea United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Vietnam

3,700 people are quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan


Update 27 ,,, 04-02-20 ce time 18:46

Total confirmed 20704

WHO holds technical briefing on coronavirus outbreak

---> see pdf from the WHO here <---



Update 26 ,,, 04-02-20 ce time 11:40

Total confirmed 20679

Chinese coronavirus quarantine now just 100 miles from Shanghai, 4 more cities with 21mn people added !!!

Countries and airlines around the world have placed travel restrictions on China


Update 25 ,,, 04-02-20 ce time 8:33

Total confirmed 20633

Belgium announces the first infection with the Corona virus.

Update 24 ,,, 04-02-20 ce time 04:15

Total confirmed 20623

The death toll from a fast moving viral outbreak sweeping China has risen to 426, with just shy of 20,000 cases worldwide.

‘Cycle of panic & neglect’? US prepares for ‘pandemic’ as China coronavirus death toll reaches 426 with 20,000+ cases

WHO has urged for preparedness instead of panic, as the US called the spread “explosive and unprecedented.”

India’s Kerala declares ‘state calamity’ over 3rd case of coronavirus, will treat China returnees dodging medics as ‘criminals’

Update 23 ,,, 03-02-20 ce time 18:15

Total confirmed 17489

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed 260 “patients under investigation” for the novel coronavirus across 36 states as of February 3

The United Arab Emirates has joined a raft of countries and companies placing restrictions on flights to and from China due to the coronavirus outbreak

Update 22 ,,, 03-02-20 ce time 13:45

Total confirmed 17483

The rapid global spread and unique epidemiological characteristics of the virus are deeply concerning,” said Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI,

Hong Kong announces further border closures over Wuhan virus

Chinese stocks plunged 8%. It's the worst day in years

Update 21 ,,, 03-02-20 ce time 8:40

Total confirmed 17405


Press conference on novel coronavirus control


See video below

Dutch back in holland ,,After their arrival at Eindhoven Airport, the Netherlands returned to a defense site in Huis ter Heide.

Although the evacuees do not appear to be infected, the fifteen Dutch are kept in quarantine for fourteen days.

Two Chinese partners, who were traveling together, also stay on site.


Update 20 ,,, 03-02-20 ce time 05:50

Total confirmed 17386

 The coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 362 people and infected more than 17,386 globally,

Global spread: The virus has been confirmed in more than 25 countries

The Shanghai stock market opened today for the first time after the Lunar New Year holiday,

The Shanghai Composite index fell nearly 9% before recovering slightly,


Update 19 ,,, 02-02-20 ce time 17:25

Total confirmed 14637


Update 18 ,,, 02-02-20 ce time 16:25

Total confirmed  14634

China's Xiangyang city announced the shutdown of its railway stations and suspension of public transportation at the end of January.

With Xiangyang's lockdown, all major cities in Hubei province are now under lockdown, affecting more than 62 million people.

Israel has temporarily banned land, sea and airport arrivals from China to prevent the spread of coronavirus,

Update 17 ,,, 02-02-20 ce time 13:15

Total confirmed  14489

Total confirmed country's 25

The new strain of coronavirus in China may be spreading from person to person via the digestive system,

Xinhua news agency reported, citing medical experts.


Update 16 ,,, 02-02-20 ce time 6:15

Total confirmed 14559

Total confirmed country's 20

Stock-markets worldwide crash. Dowjones is 600 points down

first dead outside china in the Philippine

Update 15 ,,, 01-01-20 ce time 16:45

total confirmed 12030

Update 14 ,,, 01-01-20 ce time 5:15

total confirmed 11952

Airlines which suspended some flights, or reduced capacity:

- Qantas: suspending flights from Sydney to Beijing and Sydney to Shanghai (Feb. 9 to March 29).

- United Airlines: suspending flights from its hubs to Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu from Feb. 6 to March 28.

- Air New Zealand: reduced flights between Auckland and Shanghai to four return services a week from Feb. 18 to March 31, from the daily frequency.

- Singapore Airlines: reduced capacity on flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen and Chongqing.

- Cathay Pacific: progressively reducing capacity to and from mainland China by 50% or more, from Jan. 30 till end March.

- Finnair: suspended flights to Nanjing and Beijing until end March.

- Turkish Airlines: reducing frequency of flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian from Feb. 5 to Feb. 29.

Update 13 ,,, 01-01-2020 03:00 ce time

total confirmed 11821

Trump imposes travel restrictions,

mandatory quarantines over coronavirus outbreak

Sweden and Spain confirmed

China Virus Cases May Be Undercounted Even With 3,000% Surge Bloomberg news

China's drone army fighting coronavirus: Farm, police and personal drones are repurposed to spray disinfectant

White House Gives Updates on Wuhan Coronavirus see video below !

Update 12 ,,, 31-01-2019 ce time 16:00

Total confirmed 9993

Update 11 ,,, 31-01-2019 ce time 13:45

Total confirmed 9810

First two cases of coronavirus confirmed in Russia, both Chinese citizens

First two cases of coronavirus confirmed in England

Update 10 ,,, 31-01-2019 ce time 10:00

Total confirmed 9809

Pakistan suspends direct flights to China as novel coronavirus claims more lives

Update 9 ,,, 31-01-2019 ce time 8:15

Total confirmed 9776 

213 Death

Update 8 ,,, 31-01-2019 ce time 5:55

Total confirmed 8156

The World Health Organization has declared a “public health emergency of international concern” over the outbreak of the 2019nCoV, or the Wuhan coronavirus. The international body didn't recommend travel and trade restrictions.

Update 7 ,,, ce time 16:00 30-01-2019

Total Confirmed 8147

Update 6 ,,, ce time 14:00 30-01-2019

Record fatalities
Thirty-eight new deaths in China were reported over the last 24 hours, marking the deadliest day since the outbreak began in Wuhan. The virus has now spread to every region in China, killing 170 nationwide.

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in China has jumped to 7,826, while an additional 81,000 people are under observation.

Update 5 ,,, 10:00 ce time 30-01-2019

Total Confirmed 7826

The death toll rose to 170 in the new virus outbreak in China on Thursday as foreign evacuees from the worst-hit region begin returning home under close observation

and world health officials expressed "great concern"

that the disease is starting to spread between people outside of China.Thursday's figures cover the previous 24 hours and represent an increase of 38 deaths and 1,737 cases for a total of 7,711. Of the new deaths, 37 were in the epicenter of the outbreak in Hubei province and one in the southwestern province of Sichuan.

Update 4 ,,, 5:30 ce time 30-01-2019

 Total Confirmed 7783

 The new virus is from the coronavirus family, which includes those that can cause the common cold as well as more serious illnesses such as SARS and MERS.Scientists say there are many questions to be answered about the new virus, including just how easily it spreads and how severe it is.In a report published Wednesday, Chinese researchers suggested that person-to-person spread among close contacts occurred as early as mid-December."Considerable efforts" will be needed to control the spread if this ratio holds up elsewhere, researchers wrote in the report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.More than half of the cases in which symptoms began before Jan. 1 were tied to a seafood market, but only 8% of cases after that have been, researchers found. They reported the average incubation period was five days.

Update 3 ,, 20:15 ce time 29-01-2019

 Total Confirmed 6172

Update 2 ,,, 16:00 ce time 29 -01-2019

 Total Confirmed 6095

Update 1 ,,,, 13:00 ce time 29-01-2019

Total Confirmed 6089

Airlines stops flying to China

American Airlines (Shanghai en Peking)

British Airways


Air India

Asiana Airlines


Lion Air


Air Macau

Cathay Pacific

United Airlines

suspend flights to China in bid to halt coronavirus spread

Locations with Confirmed 2019-nCoV Cases 31-01-2020


Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Could Be 30 Times Higher Than Official Total, Researchers Warn


The Heat: Coronavirus Outbreak

Press conference Beijing on novel coronavirus control 03-02-20

White House Gives Updates on Wuhan Coronavirus

WHO to decide on naming coronavirus ‘global emergency’

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides is holding a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, January 29 on the Commission’s response to recent developments relating to the coronavirus.

World Health Organization Provides Update On Coronavirus

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