Dutch cruise passengers secretly flown home true dubai ?

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These people are not taken care of by the GGD Dutch Government at Schiphol, but can just go home. 

For each passenger it is determined via a Phone call  whether and which measures are needed. If someone has complaints then that person will be isolated and tested. “So they do not immediately go into quarantine, only if the conversation shows that this is necessary.” Returning passengers can also contact the GGD themselves. ”WTF””
“We left the hotel on our own yesterday,” says one of the passengers. “It was very exciting, but in the end the return trip went very well. It was a relief when we touched the Dutch soil, finally home.”

On Saturday, the first Dutch people who were on Westerdam returned to the Netherlands. They flew from Cambodia via Dubai to Schiphol”

“We are aware of Monday morning’s flight,” says a government spokesperson. “There has been telephone contact with the people on this flight. There will also be a flight with passengers from the cruise ship on Monday afternoon. We’re going to call them too.says a government spokesperson” ”WTF”

A number of passengers have already indicated to the dutch press deliberately not to contact the government for fear of quarantine.









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