Pandemic bonds are designed so investors pay in the event of an outbreak

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The PEF is an innovative, insurance-based financing mechanism designed to finance
response efforts in IDA-eligible1
countries to tackle rare, high-severity disease outbreaks, with the
aim of preventing such outbreaks from becoming pandemics

The PEF covers six viruses that are most likely to cause a pandemic. These include new Orthomyxoviruses (new influenza pandemic virus A), Coronaviridae (SARS, MERS), Filoviridae (Ebola, Marburg) and other zoonotic diseases (Crimean Congo, Rift Valley, Lassa fever).

A group of unique bondholders will either reap massive profits or lose hundreds of millions of dollars as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.

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Source World Bank




The World Bank’s pandemic bonds are not paying out for Ebola


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